Fernando Umanzor

Portrait of Fernando Umanzor, MS, RD Specializes in Diabetes, Prediabetes, Gestational Diabetes

About Fernando


Hi there! I grew up in Washington D.C, raised by a predominantly Latin and African immigrant community. There, I persistently saw how food expresses love and culture; while, being exposed to misleading ideas that cultural foods are unhealthy. I later received a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Clinical Nutrition to help debunk such statements. All demographics can benefit from nutrition education and counseling to understand how all foods influence the body and can be utilized to heal.

My professional nutrition experience has mostly been supported by working with the Veteran community in the Bronx through the Veterans Affairs Hospital System. There, I connected how mental health disorders and social support influence a client’s relationship with food. Everyone deserves the opportunity to explore how their social and ethnic environment influences their health and food choices. I enjoy helping clients with motivational interviewing counseling and Intuitive Eating values to nurture their dietary choices by identifying sustainable lifestyle changes.

During my free time, I enjoy cooking and trialing new restaurants while exploring architecture, clothing, and weight bearing exercises. Recently, I’ve been more interested in getting a green thumb.

Education + Experience

B.S Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2020

MS Clinical Nutrition, New York University, 2022

Get to Know Me

My goal is to meet the patient half way, the patient is the driver and as your dietitian I am the passenger giving you guidance to achieve your health goals.
My approach to nutrition counseling is focused on learning about who the patient is, including what their daily routine is, current barriers, and goals (nutrition/wellness).